SmartLuggageHere’s a link to Peter Greenberg’s article on the soon-to-come smart luggage: “Last year, Airbus introduced the prototype of Bag2Go, a suitcase enabled with an RFID chip. The technology works with airport and airline baggage systems to track your luggage.”

Greenberg also mentions the Bluesmart “suitcase that you can lock and unlock … using your smartphone. An integrated sensor weighs the bag, and an alert will go off if you wander too far from your bag. Oh, and it has a built-in battery charger.”

XOO-beltLooking for the perfect gift for the traveler who already has almost everything? Here you go. It’s multipurpose, for packing efficiency. Its clean design works with most sartorial preferences. It charges your phone with a hidden micro-USB cable. (A 1,300mAh lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery is sandwiched between the two layers of leather, with an 800mAH battery residing comfortably in the buckle.) And it holds up your pants. It’s the The Xoo Belt, made by the British company that successfully crowdfunded the MiniDrive (goal: $11K; actual pledges: $384K).

Roll-yr-clothesThis one demonstrates the clever one-outfit, one-roll technique, which would be brilliant for anyone organized enough to know ahead of time what components they’re going to wear together. It also has a lively soundtrack.

Shirt folding redux

August 30, 2014 | 1 Comment

shirt-foldingWe’ve seen this spectacularly speedy shirt-folding technique before, but here it is illustrated with lines and letters. Thrilling!

You’ll also be thrilled to learn that I’ve added a “Packing Tips” category, to make it easy to find this video again when you need it.

eBagI’m always looking for the perfect travel bag, and this MotherLode TLS may just be it. It has lots of well-thought-out features, including two separate-but-conjoinable main compartments, adjustable “shelves,” and built-in compression straps. Users/reviewers seem to love it. Check out the video on the linked page, showing features.

ZipperSecurityHere’s a video showing how easy it is to break into a locked suitcase. I’m posting this not to encourage break-ins (the bad guys don’t need me to show them how to rip people off), but to show you, dear reader, that a locked suitcase does not equal security.

Carryon-SafetyThis Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”) video is described as “a 100% foolproof solution to stop the TSA from stealing your valuables.”  I post it with some caveats: Most TSA agents are probably honest, and the techniques shown would slow down—but not stop—a determined thief. Nevertheless, this could be helpful information for securing your carry-ons.

A recent issue of International Travel News listed these reader-submitted recommendations for places to buy men’s and women’s travel clothing:

  • Bluff Works — Men’s wrinkle-free pants
  • Campmor — For men, women, and children
  • Clothing Arts —Pick-Pocket Proof (P3) pants and more
  • ECCO — Men’s and women’s shoes
  • Eileen Fisher — Women’s clothing and shoes
  • ExOfficio — Men’s and women’s clothing, including BugsAway items treated with with Permethrin
  • Fox River — Sock technology
  • Helle Comfort — Footware
  • Land’s End — For men, women, and children
  • L.L. Bean — For men, women, and children

luggageI’m always looking for the perfect travel bag, thinking that if/when I find it, my trips (or at least the clothing I bring along) will be transformed from confusing jumble to organized pleasure. This might be the bag. It lets you hang the contents without unpacking (and therefore without the need to repack).

I [your humble editor, Laurie McAndish King] am obsessed with packing lists, and also with how-to-pack videos. I have marveled at the professional traveling women who swore they could get along for two weeks with two pairs of pants, one skirt, two blouses and a sweater. Oh, and just a scarf or two, “to transform your outfit.” But I had always scoffed at scarves—those confusing over-promisers—until I came upon this fascinating video showing 25 different ways to wear a scarf. The production of the video is so clever that you’ll want to watch it even if you are not sartorially challenged.

Bali-Photo-Tour-smile-boys Bali’s Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat offers its list of the year’s best eco-travel gear. Categories include best sustainable gear, surf product, photo gear, in-flight gear, travel clothing, footwear, and solar product.

worldtimeEach year, the San Francisco Chronicle travel staff sifts through the latest gadgets, utilities, clothing and luggage looking for items that make travel of all kinds easier, from vacations on a powdery Caribbean beach to weeks trekking across Mongolia. From world-time alarm clocks (pictured) to the perfect carry-on, you’ll appreciate these recommendations.

HarrymanI met Elizabeth Harryman and Paul Lasley, the couple, at the recent Book Passage Travel Writers and photographers Conference. Here’s their video on how to pack enough for a 2-week cruise or a 6-week European holiday into one carryon. Harryman is the Travel Editor of Westways, the magazine of the travel club of southern California.

Anyone who plans to travel anywhere, ever—and I think that’s pretty much all of us—will want to watch this amazing 15-second video about how to fold a shirt. (So that’s how they do it!)

Thanks to John Montgomery (Montgomery Photographic) for the link.

Packing Light

November 15, 2009 | 1 Comment

KarolGajdaPackingList01I love how-to-pack-light lists, even though they usually disappoint. Here’s one from “Ridiculously Extraordinary,” a website by globe-trotting, couch-surfing, internet-entrepreneur Karol Gadja. Never mind that his idea of acceptable tops is two black T-shirts and one orange one; this guy is doing some extended traveling, and fits everything into one backpack. And the 78 responses to his packing list contain some useful packing info for women.

One Bag

June 1, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I found this link to One Bag in The Cultural Explorer newsletter. The One Bag site includes tips and products to lighten your packing load, and has won several awards. I like the section on “bundle wrapping,” the description of how to use squat toilets, and the author’s recommendation about characteristics of the best travel bags.

Luggage Concierge

May 17, 2004 | Comments Off on Luggage Concierge

I think this sounds like a great idea: “Travel Hands Free – Let Luggage Concierge take your luggage to and from your travel destination. Skip the long lines at airport check in and arrival. Luggage Concierge service is convenient, reliable, safe and secure. Your luggage will be picked up at your home or point of origin, delivered to your travel destination, and returned to your point of origin. Luggage Concierge insures every piece of luggage, and pick-up and delivery options are tailored to your specific needs.”

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